The original General Purpose Flexi Girth was developed to improve stability. This came about when, in 2006 I was living and working in France, where I bought ‘ Parisienne Du Bio ‘ a very feisty mare and ex-steeplechaser who, with one foot in the stirrup, was off like a scolded cat leaving me hopping down the lane trying to mount. With a slipping saddle this was distressing for both horse and rider.

I realised that elastic was needed in the girth as the all fabric or all leather girths only created resistance with tension and that resulted in far too much discomfort for the horse. The elastic girth on the market at the time only had inferior elastic at either one or both buckle ends and I found them extremely deceptive.

I designed a prototype General Purpose Girth with the elastic located over the xyphoid cartilage (the girth groove directly behind the sternum) as I thought that was where the flexibility should be. My neighbour, who was an 80yr old retired saddler with little fingers bigger than my thumbs, hand stitched the prototype in three equal parts with the central section made from a second hand piece of 3 inch industrial elastic and by pure chance it worked perfectly.

4 years later, after returning to the UK, I was out riding with my friend Christina when she tried it and liked it and as the original Flexi Girth was getting a bit tatty by this stage we decided to get two new replacement ones made locally just for our own use. Christina was so impressed with her new girth that we decided to get 100 prototypes made and send them out to friends and their friends who ride asking for feedback.

The response was so positive that we decided to go into production with the new Flexi Girth concept. Acting on the feedback we received we sourced a more superior elastic, introduced stainless steel roller buckles, introduced webbing manufactured to the highest UK standard and finished all of the connections in the finest English leather.

Shortly after the General Purpose Flexi Girth was launched satisfied customers asked if we manufactured additional girths in the Flexi Girth range, we quickly realised that there was a market for a Dressage/Treeless that could benefit from the original GP concept and we launched this Girth in 2010 after rigorous testing.

When the Flexi Girth range was being used at the 2012 Olympic Games in London we were asked to introduce the Western Cinch and the higher quality Flexi Girth leather GP that had the same properties for stability and comfort for the horse and at an affordable price.

Currently we have over 8000 sales in all disciplines, with a significant difference made to thousands of horses and riders. We all know that every Horse is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for all but we are very happy with Flexi Girth’s success and is the reason we operate a full “no quibble” 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will refund the purchase price in full.